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Yes, we absolutely DO want Bama

The 2018 Notre Dame football is a real contender, and there’ no reason for them to fear Alabama.

College football fans have been brainwashed by the media. They’ve been brainwashed to believe the 2018 Alabama Crimson Tide is an unstoppable machine in a class by itself. They’ve been brainwashed to believe that they are the equivalent of the Soviet hockey team heading into the 1980 Olympics, and if any team were to defeat them, it would indeed be another Miracle.

I’m here to help you unlearn. I’m here to make you understand that Alabama is not in a class by itself. Notre Dame is sitting in the same class, right behind them, shooting spitballs into Alabama’s mullet with a straw.

A Notre Dame victory over Alabama would be no miracle.

If you don’t see cracks in Alabama’s armor, you probably haven’t watched many Alabama football games in 2018. If you don’t see how the 2018 Notre Dame football team could exploit those cracks, you probably haven’t watched many Notre Dame football games this year.

I see wise-cracking fans on Twitter talking about what happened the last time Alabama played Notre Dame.

Guess what? When those two teams met in that BCS title game, the oldest players on the 2018 Notre Dame team were sophomores in high school.

That’s the crazy part about college football. Kids graduate, and teams look completely different from year to year.

For Notre Dame fans, what I’m about to say is nothing new — it’s not news. This is for the fans of other teams who clicked this article, wondering what I’m smoking.

Notre Dame has the talent to beat Alabama.

At quarterback, the Irish have a guy who completes 72.6 percent of his passes. Those passes go to two 6-foot-4 receivers who can run, a prototypical NFL tight end, and a prototypical sure-handed slot receiver.

Behind the quarterback is an NFL-ready running back — one of the most dangerous home run hitters in the country.

That running back does his damage behind an offensive line comprised of five guys who will all likely cash NFL paychecks one day.

On defense, they feature one of the nation’s best outside pass rushers and interior pass rushers. They feature two of the most complete linebackers in the country, and arguably the best safety-cornerback combo in the nation.

For good measure, the kicker is Notre Dame’s all-time leading scorer.

The Irish have no weaknesses. They’ve answered the bell every time in 2018, and will likely do the same again on Saturday. They’ve won blowouts. They’ve won close games. They’ve dominated good teams and defeated teams from four of the five power conferences.

Notre Dame, with a win over USC, will have proven all they need to prove.

They’ll punch their ticket to the College Football Playoff — likely as a two or three seed. That means they probably wouldn’t see Alabama until the national championship game.


At the beginning of every season, the goal for every team is the same: win’em all, and win a title.

That means playing the best, and according to everything you see, hear and read from college football media, social media and college football fans, Alabama is the best.

Notre Dame wants the best. They’ve done all they need to do in order to earn a right to play the best.

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Does Notre Dame REALLY want Bama? Absolutely they do. Everyone should.

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