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What if Notre Dame, Michigan and Oklahoma all win out?

On Thursday, the 247Sports College Football Show presented by Dr. Pepper hit Facebook and a lot of the discussion was about the latest College Football Playoff Rankings.

247Sports National Director of Scouting Barton Simmons and 247Sports National Editor Trey Scott debated a topic that a lot of people have been talking bout — What if Notre Dame, Michigan and Oklahoma all win out?

The video at the top is absolutely worth a watch, especially if you’re a fan of the Fighting Irish. Come hangout for four minutes, watch this interaction, and see what Trey has to say about No. 3 Notre Dame, the team that took down Michigan in the season-opener.

If you have to come back later and watch the full video, here are a few noteworthy quotes, but it’s suggested you watch the full video:

Simmons: “I don’t think [Oklahoma] controls its own destiny.”

Simmons: “I think the committee should continue to give this Oklahoma team a fair shake because it’s as dominating of an offensive unit as we’ve ever seen.”

Simmons: “Right now, I would lean Michigan [over Oklahoma]. That’s my point. I think it’s closer than that. I think it’s closer than just Michigan is better than Oklahoma. If you want to know who I think the best four teams in college football are, I think Notre Dame is the fifth best team right now.”

Simmons: “To be dismissive of Notre Dame, I think is wrong considering that we have created this juggernaut in Michigan that they’ve not yet proven to be… They beat Michigan. They beat the team you’re saying is better than them.”

Scott: “Does the committee have the nuts to leave an undefeated team out? No. Are we 100,000% positive? Last year, they did a really nice job of getting the four best teams in. They got Alabama in. Alabama didn’t even play in the SEC championship game. Ohio State won the Big 10. But the committee said we trust Alabama to put up a fight and be better. I’m just saying, I know Notre Dame beat Michigan, but right now I’m kind of thinking there is no way Notre Dame is one of the best four teams in football.”

Scott: “I would not be mad at the committee if they left an undefeated Notre Dame out.”

Scott: “Join a conference,” he added about Notre Dame.

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