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Should Michigan be ranked ahead of Notre Dame?

The College Football Playoff Rankings were released Tuesday night and as expected, Notre Dame was listed as the No. 3 team behind Alabama and Clemson. The No. 4 team was Michigan.

However, the most recent chatter is about whether or not the Wolverines should actually be ranked ahead of the Fighting Irish due to how the season has played out so far. Yes, even though Notre Dame beat Michigan head to head this year, that is the latest talk.

It’s true, Michigan has been playing well since losing the season-opener to Notre Dame. The Wolverines have wins over Penn State (6-3), Michigan State (6-3) and Wisconsin (6-3). Michigan also defeated Northwestern (5-4) on the road, 20-17, a game in which the Wolverines trailed 17-0 in the first half. Michigan’s 8-1 record includes a combined opponent record of 49-33.

On the flip side, Notre Dame has wins over Michigan (8-1), Stanford (5-4), Virginia Tech (4-4) and Pittsburgh (5-4) to name a few. Like Michigan, the Fighting Irish also played Northwestern on the road. The Irish never trailed and held a 24-7 lead at one point. Notre Dame went on to win 31-21. Notre Dame’s 9-0 record includes a combined opponent record of 40-41.

247Sports and Irish Illustrated have been teaming up to create a ton of videos lately regarding Notre Dame football and Fighting Irish recruiting.The latest video features anchorman Kevin Boilard and Fighting Irish insider Tom Loy.

So, should Michigan be ranked higher than Notre Dame? We discussed this Tuesday afternoon.

“I absolutely believe that it’s crazy talk. In the end, they’re making it seem like the win over Michigan to start the season doesn’t matter. It was so long ago, people seem to be forgetting about it. Michigan has been the hot team. A lot of people have them in their top four coming out Tuesday night, and I do as well, but I think people need to realize that as well as Michigan is playing, Notre Dame is playing that much better. They’ve had some close wins throughout, but no team is perfect. We’re not talking about Alabama here. While Michigan is playing well, I think that Notre Dame, top to bottom, especially the fact that they beat Michigan at home and played much better defensively, you’ve got to have Notre Dame ahead of Michigan and comfortably.”

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