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Randy Smith: The Bottom Line On The Playoffs

This coming Monday evening, the unbeaten Alabama Crimson Tide will face the unbeaten Clemson Tigers for college football’s national championship. ‘Bama is seeded number one, while the Tigers are seeded second. That’s the way it should be; the two best teams in the country battling for the national title. That’s also the bottom line on this year’s college football playoff scenario. Having the best two teams facing off for the title is the objective each and every year and for the most part, it’s been that way in each of the previous four championship playoffs.

There is always bickering and complaining about who is in and who is out of the post season and this year was certainly no exception.

Georgia fans took issue with not being listed in the final four, even though the Bulldogs had two losses. Central Florida took issue with not being in because they were unbeaten for a second straight year. Both of those teams lost their bowl games, so now there is justification for being left out. 

There have been a lot of fans that were upset with Oklahoma and Notre Dame especially, being in the final four. I see no problem with that, even though I can see how some folks would complain about the Fighting Irish being in without playing in a conference or having to play a conference championship game. Forgetting about the fact that Notre Dame was a perfect 12-0 on the year, fans are now saying they should be ineligible for the playoffs until they join a power five conference.

Former Georgia standout Tim Worley a first round draft choice in 1989, called out his alma mater for the Bulldogs lackluster performance in their Sugar Bowl loss to Texas. He brought up a good point when he said, “UGA players being comfortable with publicly blasting the Playoff committee, is without question a leadership failure. Mic. Drop. ”      

What Worley is referring to is the fact that Georgia players blew up Twitter during and after Clemson’s 30-3 win over Notre Dame. They were haughty and rude and were absolutely not ready to play. Worley at least partially blames the Bulldogs coaching staff for Georgia’s loss to Texas, saying the coaches should have had them ready to play, and he’s correct.

Georgia had a chance to beat Alabama and they didn’t do it. They also had a chance to beat LSU and they didn’t do that either. The bottom line is this, to borrow a phrase from wrestler Ric Flair, “You have to beat the man, to be the man. ” Mic. Drop.

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