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Petersen Takes Veiled Shot at Notre Dame When Washington Does it Too //

The only drama on Signing Day for Notre Dame came in the form of a potential last minute flip of 4-star safety/linebacker Asa Turner.  The Washington commit who Notre Dame has been recruiting since his commitment was scheduled to sign yesterday before he announced he needed more time to decide.  That apparently didn’t sit well with Washington head coach Chris Petersen who went on a mini rant Wednesday about the “vultures” of college football recruiting while seemingly forgetting he and his staff did the same thing last year.

According to the Seattle Times, Petersen had this to say Wednesday. “And I think as the recruiting situation has — I’m trying to think of the right words — gotten worse, it can be painful. The vultures and the lowdown tactics that (are) going on behind closed doors — now I think about it a little bit more than I did.”

Petersen didn’t stop there though.  He dug in and implied that Washington doesn’t keep recruiting kids committed elsewhere.

“We just operate such a different way, so when it happens to the guys that have been committed to us — why would you be calling those kids? They’ve been committed to us forever. But they do. And they’re sending texts and doing all this stuff just to see if there’s any slight change (of a change of heart), and if there is — look out.”

Guess what though?  Washington DOES in fact recruit kids committed elsewhere.  In their class of 2018, they had 3 players who had been committed to other schools land in their final class.

The best example of this is defensive tackle Tuli Letuligasenoa from California.  He had committed to USC in April of 2017 and didn’t visit any other schools after that commitment.  That is, until he visited Washington in February of 2018. He flipped to Washington two days before signing day.  Something tells me Petersen didn’t mind that his staff were the vultures in that case.

Colson Yankoff and Devin Culp were also both committed to Oregon at one time during the 2018 recruiting cycle before flipping to Washington as well.

What’s interesting about Petersen complaining about this is that it has not been a secret AT ALL that Notre Dame has continued to recruit Turner.  Heck, there were pictures of Brian Polian on Twitter at a Carlsbad HS game in November when Notre Dame was in San Diego to face off against Navy.  Numerous articles had been written about how Notre Dame was continuing to recruit Turner and how the Irish had a very real chance of flipping him.

With all of that out in the open, complaining about potentially losing a recruiting battle by calling the other staff “vultures” is just a tad ridiculous.  And that is the funniest part about this, Petersen hasn’t even lost this recruiting battle yet.  Turner is still reportedly torn between Notre Dame and Washington and as of Wednesday morning, he has yet to make a formal announcement as to where he will be playing college football.

Notre Dame has come up on the wrong side of these in the past so it’s understandable to be upset.  Remember when Notre Dame lost Deontay Greenberry to Houston at the 11th hour in 2012? Or when both Chris and Greg Little, who weren’t related, flipped on Signing Day out of nowhere?  In those cases the flips were borderline shocking.  In this case though, no one was surprised that Notre Dame was still in this race.

If Washington ultimately loses out on Turner and he signs with Notre Dame, they will have no one to blame but themselves.  It was well known that the Irish were still active in this recruitment.  Petersen can throw all the shots he wants at the Notre Dame staff in the process, but instead he should be asking his staff why they weren’t able to keep another team out when they previously secured a commitment.

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