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UM – Shea Patterson: 20/30, 227 yards, Int.

ND – Brandon Wimbush: 12/22, 170 yards, TD, Int.


UM – Karan Higdon 21 atts., 72 yards (3.4 avg), TD

ND – Brandon Wimbush 19 atts., 59 yards (3.1 avg)

ND – Jafar Armstrong: 15 atts., 35 yards (2.3 avg), 2 TD


UM – Donovan Peoples-Jones: 6 recs., 38 yards

ND – Chris Finke: 3 recs., 55 yards, TD

Turnover on final drive puts nail in Michigan’s coffin

Shea Patterson finds Grant Perry for a gain of four and again for a gain of 16. They have wasted nearly a full minute on two complete passes.

Patterson’s first-down throw incomplete to Zach Gentry. 

Patterson fumbles and its recovered by the Irish. This one’s over, folks.

24-17 Notre Dame (FINAL)

Michigan defense faces biggest test yet

Michigan needs to force a three-and-out as Notre Dame takes the field from its own 25-yard-line with 2:18 remaining. 

Wimbush takes the first-down snap from the shotgun. He hands it to Jafar Armstrong for a rush of two yards.

Timeout Michigan (2:13 4th)

Wimbush gains two more yards on second down and Michigan burns another timeout. 

Timeout Michigan (2:06 4th)

Wimbush gains just four yards on third down and they’ll give Michigan the ball back with plenty of time on the clock.

Timeout Michigan (2:00 4th)

Donovan Peoples-Jones returns it to the Michigan 25-yard-line, and in the words of Mike Tirico, “Here we go.”

Wolverines cut into deficit, make it a one-score game

Dylan McCaffrey leads the Wolverines offense out on the field. It has yet to score a touchdown this game.

McCaffrey’s throw to Zach Gentry falls incomplete, but Drue Tranquill is called for pass interference. Notre Dame challenges that the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage. It loses the challenge and a timeout.

Shea Patterson has emerged from the locker room and is back in the game. He completes a 23-yard pass to Chris Evans and Michigan has a fresh set of downs at its own 48-yard-line.

Patterson is flushed from the pocket and dishes it to Evans again, this time for a 24-yard gain. First down at the Notre Dame 28.

Patterson escapes the pocket on first down but is wrapped up by Te’von Coney before he can get too far. 

The Wolverines are wasting a lot of time pre-snap.

Patterson’s throw incomplete to Evans on second down and it’s 3rd-and-8. Oliver Martin catches one over the middle and Michigan has it first-and-goal at the 5-yard-line.

They hand it to Karan Higdon for a gain of two. Time is clearly not of the essence. They hand it to Higdon on second down and this time he gets past the goal line.

Michigan is within striking distance. It has all three timeouts.

24-17 Notre Dame (2:18 4th)

Michigan gets much-needed stop

Notre Dame’s possession is off to a solid start. Tony Jones Jr. rushes for 10 yards to start the drive and the Irish are in Michigan territory.

Notre Dame goes just three yards on its next three plays. The punt results in a touchback.

It’s now or never for the Wolverines.

24-10 Notre Dame (5:07 4th)

McCaffrey in for inured Patterson, offense still 

Karan Higdon is wrapped up for a gain of two to start the drive. He pushes ahead for 10 yards on second down to move the sticks.

As Michigan resorts to its rushing attack to get back in this game, t’s worth noting that, including sacks, Michigan is averaging just 1.8 yards-per-carry to this point.

And now Shea Patterson is hurt. In comes Dylan McCaffrey. He hands it off to Higdon for a gain of three.

Patterson comes back in, rolls his ankle on a bootleg, and now he’s back out of the game. My goodness. Third-and-5. 

McCaffrey rolls and fires to Grant Perry for a gain of six and it’s first down at the 27-yard-line. 

McCaffrey scrambles for a gain of three after Higdon picks up three on first down. On third-and-4 from the 33-yard-line, McCaffrey finds Peoples-Jones near the sideline.

Peoples-Jones gets a poor spot and is short of the line-to-gain. Jim Harbaugh is less than pleased. They’ll review it. 

And the call is reversed. First down, Michigan.

McCaffrey rushes for five yards. Time keeps ticking off that clock. 9:10 to go. McCaffrey finds Grant Perry for 10 yards and he gets out-of-bounds for another Michigan first down.

Two unproductive plays on first and second down set up third-and-10 for the Wolverines. McCaffrey gains two yards, but it feels like a sack. They’ll go for it on fourth-and-7.

And Michigan is now 0-for-3 on fourth-down conversions.

Notre Dame will get the ball at its own 44-yard-line.

24-10 Notre Dame (7:14 4th)

Michigan defense trying to keep team afloat

Jafar Armstrong rushes for six yards on first down and Brandon Wimbush’s pass to Chris FInke on second down makes it third-and-1. Armstrong picks it up.

Armstrong loses three yards on the last play of the quarter and Michigan has its work cut out for it going into the game’s final 15 minutes.

24-10 Notre Dame (End 3rd)

It’s second-and-13 from the Notre Dame 43-yard-line to start the fourth quarter. Wimbush’s attempt to Alize Mack falls incomplete. Chase Winovich takes down Armstrong for a loss of four and Michigan will get the ball back.

Tyler Newsome boots it 57 yards and Michigan will start the drive at its own 4-yard-line.

24-10 Notre Dame (14:03 4th)

Patterson pick crushes Michigan momentum

Michigan will look to cut into its 14-point deficit starting from its own 25. Karan Higdon rushes for eight yards on first down and Donovan Peoples-Jones catches a screen for six yards on second down.

It’s first-and-10 from the Michigan 39. Shea Patterson is nearly stripped from behind by Asmar Bilal, but he’s able to escape the pocket and gain nine yards. The Notre Dame defense is breathing down Patterson’s neck again on second down, and this time Patterson makes a poor decision. He throws toward the sideline and its intercepted by Julian Okwara.

24-10 Notre Dame (1:20 3rd)

Notre Dame adds to its lead

Brandon Wimbush bounces it outside to the Notre Dame 30-yard-line for a gain of two yards on first down. He’s sacked by Devin Bush, who just returned to the game, for a loss of 10 on second down. 

Michigan has no answer for the versatile game of Wimbush. On third-and-18, the Irish quarterback breaks free for a 22-yard rush and Notre Dame has a first down. 

Tony Jones Jr. rushes for three yards and then 11 on first and second down and the Irish have a fresh set of downs at the Michigan 44-yard-line.

Wimbush somehow escapes pressure from Michigan’s D-Line way behind the line-of-scrimmage, scampers outside, and launches it to Chase Claypool for 19 yards. It’s safe to assume the Wolverines will be doing a surplus of tackling drills this week.

Jones is dropped for a loss of four and then gains three back . It’s third-and-11 from the Michigan 26-yard-line. Wimbush finds Miles Boykin in the end zone for a touchdown on third down, but the Irish are called for an ineligible receiver downfield. Wimbush is wrapped up for no gain on third down.

Justin Yoon’s field goal from 48 yards is good.

24-10 Notre Dame (3:07 3rd)

We goin’ back and forth

Jafar Armstrong rushes for no gain on first down, meeting Chase Winovich at the line-of-scrimmage. Brandon Wimbush throws two incomplete passes on second and third down, and Michigan will get the ball for the third time this quarter (which just started 4:43 ago)

21-10 Notre Dame (10:17 3rd)

Chris Evans gets his first carry of the day, rushing for two yards on first down. Shea Patterson hits Donovan Peoples-Jones for five yards to make it a manageable third-and-3.

The ol’ option pitch loses a yard for the Wolverines on third down and they’ll give it right back to the Fighting Irish.

21-10 Notre Dame (8:06 3rd)

Michigan’s offense still struggling to finish drives

On third down for the Irish, Brandon Wimbush throws his first interception of the game. Brandon Watson returns it 19 yards for the Wolverines and they’ll take back over at the Michigan 49-yard-line

21-10 Notre Dame (13:11 3rd)

It’s safe to say the Michigan offense needs some work. After a huge turnover, Higdon loses four yards on first down, rushes for no gain on second down, and Shea Patterson’s completion to Nick Eubanks is four yards short of the necessary yard marker. 

Michigan goes for it on fourth down and his pass to Zach Gentry falls incomplete. Notre Dame takes back over again at its own 45-yard-line.

21-10 Notre Dame (11:03 3rd)

Deja vu: Michigan punter has trouble with the (field goal) snap

Michigan starts the second half with the ball at its own 25-yard-line.

Yikes. Michigan called for delay of game to start the half. Shea Patterson has all day to throw on first-and-15 and he places one perfectly for a wide-open Nico Collins 52 yards downfield. It’s first-and-10 for the Wolverines at the Notre Dame 28.

Another first down. This time it’s Donovan Peoples-Jones coming down with it for a gain of 12. Patterson’s next pass on first-and-10, intended for Grant Perry, falls incomplete. On second-and-10 from the Notre Dame 16-yard-line, Patterson is pressured by the Notre Dame D-line again. Adetokunbo Ogundeji knocks it down at the line.

Patterson’s pass on third down is way too far for Peoples-Jones and it falls incomplete. Nordin is out to attempt a 34-yard field goal.

Punter Will Hart has, dare I say, trouble with the snap. He tries to salvage the botched play with his legs, but is wrapped up for a loss of 11. 

Notre Dame will take over at its own 27.

21-10 Notre Dame (13:42 3rd)

First half leaders


UM – Shea Patterson: 9/12, 62 yards

ND – Brandon Wimbush: 10/15, 148 yards, TD


UM – Karan Higdon 12 atts., 45 yards (3.8 avg)

ND – Brandon Wimbush 12 atts., 39 yards (3.3 avg)

ND – Jafar Armstrong: 8 atts., 30 yards (3.8 avg), 2 TD


UM – Nico Collins: 2 recs., 14 yards

ND – Chris Finke: 2 recs., 52 yards, TD

Michigan holds Notre Dame on final drive of half

Notre Dame will get the ball back at the 22-yard-line after a lackluster return from Jafar Armstrong.

Armstrong rushes for eight yards on first down and two more on second. First down Notre Dame.

Armstrong rushes for a gain of two on first-and-10 and is taken down at the Michigan 34. Brandon Wimbush throws a screen pass to Avery Davis and it’s third-and-4. The Michigan defense really needs a stop. 

Timeout Notre Dame

Wimbush is hit as he throws, but Chase Claypool was wide open over the middle. He makes the catch and advances the ball to 50-yard-line.

More bad news for Michigan: Devin Bush is down and appears to be in a lot of pain.

Wimbush rushes for no gain on first down, and throws one haphazardly near the line-of-scrimmage. It’s nearly picked off by Brad Hawkins, but Michigan will happily settle for third-and-10. A third-down bomb from Wimbush falls incomplete and Notre Dame will punt.

Donovan Peoples-Jones inexplicably catches the ball at the four and tries to return it with a handful of Notre Dame jerseys directly in front of him. Michigan will start the drive at the 2-yard-line.

21-10 Notre Dame (0:40 2nd)

Karan Higdon gets the ball on first down and that’ll be the only play Michigan runs this drive. 

They’ll head to the locker room down 21-10, and all things considered, things could definitely be worse for the boys from Ann Arbor.

21-10 Notre Dame (End 2nd)

Special teams get Michigan back in game

Just when it appeared Notre Dame had put an exclamation point on its first-half dominance, Michigan returner Ambry Thomas breaks the ensuing kickoff for a 99-yard touchdown return. The Wolverines are right back in this one.

21-10 Notre Dame (3:41 2nd)

Notre Dame goes 75 yards in 15 plays to go up 21-3

Jake Moody’s kickoff goes for a touchback. First-and-10 for the Irish starting from the 25.

Brandon Wimbush bounces to the outside and picks up six on the ground. He keeps it again on second down and is wrapped up by Josh Ross for a gain of two. 

Timeout Notre Dame.

On third-and-2, Wimbush keeps it again. He picks up three yards and a first down.

Wimbush pitches it to Tony Jones Jr. and he picks up 12 yards. It’s first-and-10 from the Notre Dame 48.

Jones rushes up the middle for a gain of two before being wrapped up by Rashan Gary at midfield, and he goes up the middle again for five yards on second down. Wimbush’s pass goes out-of-bounds on third-and-3, but Josh Ross is called for a 10-yard holding penalty. 

Notre Dame takes a a five-yard penalty and they’ll redo first down from the Michigan 40-yard-line. Wimbush squirms away from pressure and gets upfield 11 yards to make it second-and-4. Wimbush whips it from the hip to Chris Finke for a nine-yard pickup and new set of downs.

On first down, Wimbush starts right and then reverses field before getting out-of-bounds for a gain of three. Houston Griffith is wrapped up at the line-of-scrimmage by J’Marick Woods for no gain. It’s third-and-7. 

Michigan defensive back David Long is down on the field and we’ll cut to commercial break.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Wimbush is flushed from the pocket but still picks up a decent chunk of yards. He gains six and the Irish will go for it on fourth-and-inches. Wimbush keeps it and goes up the middle for a gain of two; that’s good enough for a first down.

Wimbush is cracked eight yards behind the line-of-scrimmage by Chase Winovich to make it second-and-18. Jafar Armstrong picks up nine to make it third-and-goal from the 8. Wimbush was rocked by Winovich again, but this time the hit was a tad too late, drawing a flag for roughing the passer. 

On first-and-goal from the 4-yard-line, Armstrong bounces to the outside and dances into the endzone. Notre Dame is up three scores.

21-3 Notre Dame (3:55 2nd)

Another Michigan drive stalls in Notre Dame territory, but at least they scraped a field goal out of it

Karan Higdon picks up four yards on first down, and eight yards on second. It’s first-and-10 from the Notre Dame 29-yard-line.

Shea Patterson finds Zach Gentry for a three-yard out, and that’ll do it for the first quarter in South Bend.

14-0 Notre Dame (End 1st)

Higdon continues to pound the rock. He gets the handoff to start the second quarter, rushing for a gain of five. Shea Patterson fires from the shotgun on third-and-3 and completes his pass to Nico Collins for a gain of six and a first down at the Notre Dame 15.

Patterson rolls out on play-action and finds Sean McKeon in the flat for a gain of eight. Higdon picks up the final two yards needed to move the sticks and it’s first-and-goal from the 5-yard-line.

Higdon picks up two on first down. Second-and-goal from the 3. Patterson is swarmed by the Notre Dame defense on third down. He was thrown to the ground by Brock Wright before he even had a chance to get his eyes up field. Third-and-goal from the Notre Dame 10. 

Notre Dame defensive lineman Myron Tagovailoa-Amosa is down and we’ll cut to a commercial break before third down.

Patterson takes it from the shotgun with five wide, fires over the middle for Gentry, but his pass is knocked away by Alohi Gilman. The Wolverines will have to settle for a field goal try.

Quinn Nordin’s 28-yard try is good.

14-3 Notre Dame (11:32 2nd)

Michigan defense forces 3-and-out

Notre Dame starts its third drive of the game looking to go up three scores.

Avery Davis tries to bounce it outside to the left on first down. He’s stuffed by Brad Hawkins and Chase Winovich for a loss of three. Brandon Wimbush’s pass to Cole Kmet goes for a loss of one on second down, and his third down throw to Miles Boykin falls incomplete. Tyler Newsome’s punt goes just 25 yards and Michigan will take over at the Notre Dame 41-yard-line.

14-0 Notre Dame (1:02 1st)

Michigan drive stalls in Notre Dame territory again

Michigan’s Ambry Thomas returns it 36 yards on the kickoff to the 37-yard-line, but a holding penalty on Michigan and personal foul on Notre Dame will bring the line-of-scrimmage back to the 27. First-and-10.

Donovan Peoples-Jones rushes for seven yards on first down and catches a pass four a four-yard gain on second down to make it first-and-10 from the 38-yard-line.

Patterson finds Peoples-Jones again for a six-yard completion. Shea Patterson takes a shot on second-and-4, but his pass lands in no-mans-land. Patterson finds Zach Gentry for a gain of eight to keep the drive alive on third down.

Michigan has a fresh set of downs in Notre Dame territory. The Wolverine offense continues to chip away via short passing plays. Oliver Martin catches one out in the flat for a gain of seven. One play later, Patterson finds Grant Perry for a gain of twelve. 

Higdon gets the ball for the first time this drive and picks up four. Patterson is hit as he throws with the pocket collapsing, and he throws a rainbow straight into the middle of the defensive backfield. Somehow it’s not intercepted.

On third-and-6, Michigan’s offensive line collapses again. Patterson can’t get rid of it this time, however, resulting in a loss of 16 yards that’ll take the Wolverines out of field goal range.

Will Hart’s punt lands in the end zone.

14-0 Notre Dame (2:23 1st)

Notre Dame offense keeps rolling, takes two-score lead

Brandon Wimbush takes it up the middle on first down for a gain of two. Jafar Armstrong tries to bounce it outside on second down, but is swalled by four Wolverine defenders. It’s third-and-7.

Wimbush airs one out to a sprawling Alize Mack on third, who comes down with a miraculous catch for 31 yards, but catches a shoulder to the head from Michigan defensive back Josh Metellus.

Metellus is ejected for targeting. Not a great start for the Michigan defense.

The fifteen yard penalty makes it first-and-10 from the Notre Dame 46. Armstrong takes the handoff and picks up two yards on first down and then  two more on second down through the air. Wimbush escapes a collapsing pocket on third down, rushing for seven yards and keeping the drive alive.

On first-and-10 from the Michigan 43-yard-line, Wimush airs it out again. This time, he finds Chris Finke in the endzone, who pulls one down by reaching over a Michigan defender. 

It’s a two-score game. The 96-yard touchdown drive takes just 3:07.

14-0 Notre Dame (7:09 1st)

Opening Wolverine drive stalls in Notre Dame territory

Jonathan Doerer’s kick goes out of bounds, and the Wolverines will start its opening drive at the 35-yard-line.

Karan Higdon picks up nine yards on first and second down. On third down, he rushes for for five to move the sticks.

Patterson throws his first pass of his Michigan career, a completion to Nico Collins, for eight yards. Higdon loses a yard on second down. It’s third-and-3. Higdon is stuffed at the line and picks up just a yard, going down at the Notre Dame 43-yard-line. They’ll have to punt.

The punt is downed at the Notre Dame 4. 

7-0 Notre Dame (10:16 1st)

Irish gash Michigan defense early, take lead

Michigan wins the toss, and defers to the second half. Notre Dame will start with the ball and defend the north end zone. Jake Moody’s kickoff is taken for a touchback, and the Irish will start their opening drive at the 25-yard-line.

Michigan’s defensive line is getting in the backfield easily. Jafar Armstrong was swallowed on a run for no gain on first down, and on second down, Brandon Wimbush’s pass intended for Chase Claypool falls incomplete. Wimbush targets Claypool again on third down, this time picking up 16 yards and a first down in the process.

The Irish are finding its success through the air early on. Miles Boykin picks up 28 yards on first down. They’re down to the Michigan 31-yard-line.

After a 13-yard holding penalty on Tyree Kinnel, the Irish are handed a fresh set of downs. Armstrong cuts through the middle of the Michigan defense on the next play from scrimmage, and the Irish are up early.

7-0 Notre Dame (13:15 1st)

Michigan and Notre Dame start their seasons under the bright lights on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. Follow the action here with live updates throughout the game by Nolan Bianchi of The Detroit News.


Kickoff: 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Notre Dame Stadium, South Bend, Ind.

TV/radio: NBC/950 WWJ

Line: Notre Dame by 1


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