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Notre Dame Fighting Irish

From Rockne to today, Notre Dame’s ushers open the doors to Fighting Irish history – The Athletic

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Eudell Spon will celebrate his 82nd birthday on Saturday night at a job he doesn’t consider work, even after 47 years, eight head coaches and three different configurations of Notre Dame Stadium. He’ll arrive at his post mid-afternoon wearing a uniform that’s evolved over the years but hasn’t changed much the past two decades: blue blazer, white dress shirt, blue and gold tie, with a dark blue hat signaling his rank of assistant supervisor. That night when Notre Dame faces Stanford, Spon will again watch over sections 19-to-24, part of the university’s usher program that is the mortar holding together the bricks of Notre Dame’s game day.

Spon will get home after midnight, finishing off another week that includes patrolling the Gug on Friday afternoon and working football practices midweek. It lets this adopted Notre Dame fan get closer to the program he willingly serves to all hours. Spon worked the original Green Jersey Game in 1977. Now…

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