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Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Did Notre Dame deserve a College Football Playoff spot?

Notre Dame was blown out of the College Football Playoffs, and some people are fuming that the committee wasted a valuable playoff spot on a school that didn’t deserve it. The team finished undefeated while sporting the ninth-ranked defense in the country and many felt the Fighting Irish deserved to be in the hunt. Others feel the lack of a conference title and weak schedule should’ve had Notre Dame on the outside looking in, with a more deserving team taking the spot — and history is on their side. What do you think? 


Say what you will about Notre Dame, but the team finished undefeated while playing the top universities in the country. The Fighting Irish’s wins against Michigan, Stanford and Syracuse — all top-15 teams at the time of their respective games — are proof that Notre Dame belonged in the playoff.

People are crying over the lack of a conference championship like it is the end all, be all of determining eligibility. Notre Dame was one of the four top schools in the country. They just had a bad day against Clemson. There is no arguing that. But they deserved that spot.

Need proof Notre Dame didn’t belong in the playoff? Look no further than the scoreboard.

The Fighting Irish managed to play fewer games and still gain a berth in the College Football Playoff. Every other qualified team had one more monumental test just to be considered for the honor, while Notre Dame sat at home enjoying Friday and Saturday like every other schmuck in the country.

Just because Notre Dame is Notre Dame, it gets special consideration. Brand equity shouldn’t be a requisite for qualification. The Fighting Irish should’ve been left out of the bracket. The blowout loss against Clemson is further evidence that the Fighting Irish were never serious contenders for a national title.

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