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Desmond Howard thinks Michigan should jump Notre Dame in polls

ESPN College Gameday analyst Desmond Howard, the former Michigan Wolverines football player, shared a not-so-shocking take Saturday morning during the show’s broadcast. When looking at the top of the College Football Playoff Rankings, Howard said that he believes Michigan should jump Notre Dame in the polls. Yes, the team that lost to Notre Dame earlier this season in a head to head matchup, should somehow vault ahead of the Fighting Irish, despite the fact that Notre Dame has taken care of business and remains 11-0 on the year.

“It’s a long season. You put too much weight on that one game,” said Howard, when responding to the fact that Notre Dame beat Michigan and didn’t even have quarterback Ian Book or running back Dexter Williams for that matchup. “I look at what they have done since then.”

“So they trailed in the fourth quarter? But they won the game,” responded Howard, regarding the fas that it took a major comeback by Michigan to beat Northwestern, a team that Notre Dame never truly struggled with.

“How did Notre Dame do against Pitt? I’m just saying that everyone struggled at one point of the season,” said Howard. “We can always pick and choose those games. My point is that if they have a championship game, if they beat Ohio State, Top 10, they beat Northwestern, they beat them handily, I’m just saying it’s not crazy, in my opinion, from what they did, to leapfrog them at No. 3. There’s just not this big gap between Notre Dame and Michigan at 3 and 4. That’s the way I look at it.”

Check out the full video at the top.

Michigan and Ohio State will battle it out in Columbus at Noon ET, while Notre Dame takes on USC in Los Angeles at 8 pm ET.

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