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Could 2018 Be A Record-Setting Season?

Notre Dame football is a famously storied program. Could it add more to its own legacy in 2018 by breaking some records? Let’s take a look at which Irish records could possibly be broken during the 2018 football season.

As is often the case in the Spring and Summer months, I think we here at Slap the Sign have ranked nearly everything possible, so that led me to take a look at the Notre Dame football record books. In it, I found some records that seem to be a bit unimpressive — including some that could easily be broken given the right circumstances.

Below are the Notre Dame football records that could realistically be broken in the 2018 season.

Total Offensive Yards (Single Game)

The current Notre Dame record for most offensive yards accumulated in a single game, by a single player, is held by Joe Theismann. Theismann holds the record with his 512 yards against USC in 1970. While the number 512 seems nearly insurmountable, like Theismann, current Notre Dame quarterback Brandon Wimbush can hold his own when it comes to running the ball.

When you break it down, a great passing game for any quarterback is normally 325-400 yards. Let’s say Wimbush is having a great day in the air and throws for 350 yards. That leaves him with 163 yards left over for rushing, which is not impossible. In fact, in 2017, Wimbush ran for over 100 yards in 4 games — including once for over 200.

There has never been a doubt about Wimbush’s running ability, but if he can get his accuracy issues sorted out, there is no reason this record could not be his.

Touchdown Passes (Single Game)

While this record has many holders, none have managed to break it. The Notre Dame record for most touchdown passes in a single game in 4. The most recent to throw four touchdowns in a game was Ron Powlus vs. Rutgers in the 1996 season. When I was scrolling through the Notre Dame records on , I was taken back by this record. It may just be me, but four touchdowns does not seem worthy of a record. I thought surely the record would be five, six or maybe 7 touchdown passes. Nope. Four.

This record is another one that Wimbush could certainly claim in the 2018 season. With Notre Dame facing the likes of Ball State this season, anything is possible. If you follow me on Twitter (@PlummerMason) you know I will be attending Ball State and yes, I know their football team is not the best. I plan on attending the game Week 2 in South Bend and I’ll be happy with the result regardless.

When my favorite college football team plays the school I attend, I can’t lose!

Anyway, back to the point. Ball State certainly isn’t the best football team out there and certainly doesn’t have one of the stronger defenses the Irish will face. I don’t see Wimbush struggling to throw four touchdowns against their defense if the situation and game plan call for it.

Points Responsible For (Single Game)

The current Notre Dame record for most points responsible for in a single game is held by Art Smith, with 35 points against Loyola (Chi) in 1911.

You may be thinking, “how does a player score 35 points if a touchdown counts as 6 points?” Well, thanks for asking! This record was set so long ago, that touchdowns counted as 5 points. So, yeah it’s been a while.

This record is definitely going to be the hardest one to break on the list. The only players I see that have a chance at breaking it are Dexter Williams, Chase Claypool, or Brandon Wimbush. For any of these three players to score six TDs (36 points) and break the record would be insane. It would easily be one of the best offensive performances in Notre Dame history. But, hey, records were made to be broken, right?

Interceptions (Single Game)

When a team is returning as many starters (9) as the Irish defense is in 2018, anything can happen. Notre Dame has an especially strong secondary, where fans expect to see Julian Love have another tremendous season. Love led the Irish in interceptions last season, and has proven to be a hawk with the ball in the air.

The record for most interceptions by a single player in one game for Notre Dame is 3, most recently completed by Dave Overson vs. Navy in 1982. Next to points responsible for, this is the most difficult record to break. It’s rare in a game for a quarterback to throw 3 interceptions, much less all to the same guy. Regardless, it has been done 12 times in Notre Dame history, and with ball skills like Love, who knows?

This would be a crazy feat, one that would be remembered for years by Irish fans everywhere.

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