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Chop Chat College Football Playoff Ranking Predictions: October 30th

The inaugural College Football Playoff rankings will be released for the 2018 season on Tuesday night, and the Chop Chat staff as ideas of who will be there.

For the fifth time, the College Football Playoff will begin their six week journey of toying with the emotions of the sports’ fanbase and trying to justify each week how certain teams move up and down and why certain conferences end up getting more of a benefit of the doubt as opposed to other leagues.

If I sound a little cynical, it’s because this was a system who in the first year had the defending national champions from FSU football – the only undefeated team that season, mind you – third in the final standings and has sent teams the last two seasons to the system without actually winning their own conference division.

Alas, the fifth anniversary of the system will kick off tonight with the committee announcing the first group of teams and where they rank – and while there is little doubt about which two teams will be at the top, there is plenty of debate about which teams will be behind them. Since we love stirring up debate here at Chop Chat, here’s how our staff sees this week’s rankings looking.

Jason Parker’s Picks

No. 1 – Clemson Tigers

Normally, I am the guy who puts the champion from the previous year on top until they lose, but I firmly believe that the Tigers have played a slightly tougher schedule at this point that include road wins at Texas A&M and Florida State (still a tough place to play) and blowing out a ranked N.C. State team at the time.

No. 2 – Alabama Crimson Tide

Now, with all of that above being said, if Nick Saban’s team goes into LSU this week and gets the win, they will be number one with a bullet the rest of the way.

No. 3 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

I know there are plenty of people who are saying they haven’t really played a tough game since Michigan in the opener, but I will always default to a team that went out and did their job of winning each game over teams with a loss – except for UCF because they haven’t played anyone.

No. 4 – LSU Tigers

At this point in the season, they have four wins over ranked teams at the time they played – and with games against Alabama and Texas A&M looming, that number could be up to six by regular season’s end.

Outside Looking In

Michigan Wolverines – Three ranked wins looks good, but a fourth over Penn State this week would help.

Georgia Bulldogs – Beating Florida helped the case, but LSU blowing out teams the rest of the way might be their best defense.

Kelvin Hunt’s Picks

No. 1 – Alabama Crimson Tide

No. 2 – Clemson Tigers

No. 3 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

No. 4 – Ohio State Buckeyes

Outside Looking In – Oklahoma Sooners and Georgia Bulldogs

Aaron Cabrera-Steele’s Picks

No. 1 – Alabama Crimson Tide

This is the most dominant team since the 2013 Seminoles. Tua might be the best college QB in recent memory, other than Jamies of course.

No. 2 – Clemson Tigers

I wasn’t sold on them until Saturday, but Lawrence is the real deal.

No. 3 – Michigan Wolverines

Their defense will take them a long way. If they can find consistent play on offense they will be a problem.

No. 4 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

They’re not as dominate as the other teams listed, but they do find ways to win, like good teams do.

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Outside Looking In

LSU Tigers – Their playoff hopes will probably last until the end of the week. They’re a team built on defense with a QB that is better than any they’ve had recently.

Oklahoma Sooners – I’m expecting Notre Dame to drop one of these games and for them to take the forth playoff spot. Lincoln Riley is a fun coach to watch.

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