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Bowl Edition – The Daily Iowan

Iowa vs. No. 18 Mississippi State

Adam Hensley (Pregame Editor, 35-25): Mississippi State – I’m going to get a bulldog once I graduate.

Pete Ruden (Sports Editor, 38-22): Mississippi State – I hope the Bulldogs use a 5-Mississippi count before they blitz in practice.

Anna Kayser (Assistant Sports Editor, 39-21): Iowa – New Kirk better go out on a high note.

Jordan Zuniga (football reporter, 39-21): Iowa – This game isn’t for anyone who likes scoring.

Lucy Rohden (Co-DITV Sports Director, 40-20): Mississippi State – I got a fever. And the only prescription is …

Beau Bowman (Co-DITV Sports Director, 44-16): Iowa – M-S-U? More like M-S-Poo.

Jason Brummond (Publisher, 41-19): Mississippi State – Iowa fans have Tampa fatigue. Apparently, so does the team’s second-best TE.

No. 2 Clemson vs. No. 3 Notre Dame

Hensley: Clemson – Dab on ‘em, Dabo.

Ruden: Clemson – Am I supposed to think it won’t be a Bama-Clemson national championship?

Kayser: Notre Dame – Every time I try to do an Irish accent, it somehow turns out Australian.

Zuniga: Clemson – The Fighting Irish haven’t won a big game in January in 30 years. Some things don’t change.

Rohden: Notre Dame – I’ve never seen the movie Rudy.


Brummond: Notre Dame – I don’t feel great about this.

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Oklahoma

Hensley: Oklahoma – A Kyler Murray-Tua Tagovailoa matchup is the best Christmas present I could ask for.

Ruden: Alabama – Time for Sheck Wes to drop a track called Mo Bama.

Kayser: Alabama – Coming soon: Alabama versus the World.

Zuniga: Alabama – Kyler Murray is good, but he can’t play defense.

Rohden: Alabama – Nick Saban is an evil genius.

Bowman: Alabama – “thank u, next” — Tua after the first quarter.

Brummond: Alabama – Always pick ‘Bama.

No. 13 Washington State vs. No. 24 Iowa State

Hensley: Washington State – Ames is good for $2.50 Coronas in the summer, and that’s it.

Ruden: Washington State – Mike Leach and his Air Raid offense is better than Drake’s offense.

Kayser: Washington State – ISU fans peaked in high school.

Zuniga: Washington State – Maybe Iowa State will finally get to double-digit wins next year.

Rohden: Washington State – “I’ve specifically concentrated on not concentrating on this, and up to this point, I’ve done a really good job.” – Mike Leach

Bowman: Washington State – Matt Campbell is a phony. A big fat PHONY.

Brummond: Washington State – Slightly tougher opponent than Drake.

No. 7 Michigan vs. No. 10 Florida

Hensley: Michigan – What’s Jim Harbaugh doing if he can’t beat Ohio State?

Ruden: Michigan – Tim Tebow should still be in the NFL, though.

Kayser: Michigan – Can we just award Jim Harbaugh the 2019 Most Hated Big Ten Coach Award now?

Zuniga: Michigan – I’m just glad Harbaugh isn’t going to Green Bay.

Rohden: Michigan – Don’t worry Harbaugh, Urban isn’t the head coach at Florida anymore, so you actually have a chance.

Bowman: Michigan – Florida smells like old people.

Brummond: Michigan – Wait. Adam, did you forget to include Nebraska’s bowl game?

Miami vs. Wisconsin

Hensley: Wisconsin – 2018 Toilet Bowl?

Ruden: Miami – How does a school that starts with “M” become “The U”?

Kayser: Miami – Sorry Wisconsin, you lost your chance to impress us like 12 weeks ago.

Zuniga: Miami – The real question is over or under 2.5 picks for Hornibrook. I’ll take the over.

Rohden: Wisconsin – Turnover chain my —

Bowman: Wisconsin – Paul Chryst vs. The Turnover Chain Part II.

Brummond: Wisconsin – A matchup of two top-10 teams (in the preseason poll).

Georgia Tech vs. Minnesota

Hensley: Georgia Tech – Things that should be abolished: the penny and the triple option.

Ruden: Georgia Tech – TaQuon Marshall is a quarterback with more rushing yards than passing yards but somehow, I’m not surprised.

Kayser: Georgia Tech – Only good thing about football szn ending is everyone can forget I had Minnesota at No. 4 in week 1 power rankings.

Zuniga: Georgia Tech – How can Georgia Tech be called the Yellow Jackets and not have yellow uniforms?

Rohden: Georgia Tech – A December bowl in Detroit? Everyone is a loser here if you ask me.

Bowman: Georgia Tech – This game is in Detroit. No one is a winner in this city.

Brummond: Georgia Tech – Too bad. A Quick Lane Bowl win would have been elite.

No. 6 Ohio State vs. No. 9 Washington

Hensley: Ohio State – Urban Meyer is gonna go out on a high note whether we like it or not.

Ruden: Ohio State – Haskins Heisman revenge game.

Kayser: Ohio State – So long, farewell, no one will miss you, Urban.

Zuniga: Ohio State – So long, Urban, never forget 55-24.

Rohden: Ohio State – Bye-bye Urban, see ya back in college football in like two years when you change your mind (again).

Bowman: Ohio State – tHeY nEeD tO eXpAnD tHe CoLlEgE fOoTbAlL pLaYoFf To EiGhT tEaMs.

Brummond: Ohio State – The year is 2020. Urban Meyer’s “memory issues” have improved. He returns to coaching.

No. 12 Penn State vs. No. 14 Kentucky

Hensley: Penn State – Kentucky Fried Wildcats

Ruden: Penn State – Ahmad Wagner Stat Tracker: 0 rec, 0 yds, 0 TDs. Pete Ruden Stat Tracker: 0 rec, 0 yds, 0 TDs.

Kayser: Kentucky – Penn State, who?

Zuniga: Penn State – Apparently, Kentucky forgot it’s supposed to suck at football. Penn State should remind it.

Rohden: Penn State – Hey, Ahmad Wagner, sup?

Bowman: Penn State – Sup, Ahmad Wagner.

Brummond: Penn State – Trace McSorley’s final college game. Thank God.

No. 17 Utah vs. No. 22 Northwestern

Hensley: Utah – Northwestern made it this far because Wisconsin and Iowa wet the bed.

Ruden: Northwestern – It’s a shame Utah doesn’t have a player named Mario, because we could’ve had Mario vs. Bowser.

Kayser: Utah – On the bright side: Northwestern will be irrelevant again after this season (hopefully)

Zuniga: Utah – Pat Fitzgerald’s team is 0-3 in non conference games. How did it win the West again?

Rohden: Utah – Pat Fitzgerald called me missy one time, and I’m still not over it.

Bowman: Utah – Our photographer Nick Rohlman was very upset that Iowa isn’t playing Utah.

Brummond: Utah – Incredibly, Northwestern going for its sixth loss.



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