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8 questions about a casual photo of Brian Kelly and Notre Dame players

Here’s a picture of Brian Kelly, a man who knows how to relate to young people, posing in an absolutely natural, seamlessly comfortable posture with some of his players:

Let’s enhance that one time:

Let’s enhance that a second time:

And a third time:

And now we are done.

I have the following questions about this photograph.


(Credit to Sports Illustrated’s Jessica Smetana for spotting this indelible moment.)

2. Whose idea was it?

3. Does his slightly elevated right thumb indicate FINGER GUNS, or is this strictly a horizontal peace sign? Reasonable people can debate this, or at least I want to debate, because then I can ask my fourth question.

4. Did Kelly need to get TSA approval to bring THOSE FINGER GUNS aboard a plane?

5. Was Kelly worried that those two pens might fall out of his briefcase?

6. Why does Kelly need two different pens, given that neither appears to be a highlighter? Most people of his stature have one preferred brand of pen and stick to it.

7. Are there other photographs?

8. If so, what mechanism does the public have to obtain them?

This is not the kind of pose we’re used to seeing Brian Kelly strike, but Notre Dame being unbeaten and on track for the Playoff has clearly relaxed him.

Kelly’s default condition is something more along this line …

NCAA Football: Notre Dame Spring Game

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

… with more than occasional transitions to this shade …

Rice v Notre Dame

… or this shade:

Vanderbilt v Notre Dame

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wait, those are the same shade.

But I’m not here to joke around. I just want these questions answered.

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